According to recent FinCEN guidance, many digital currency companies such as currency exchangers, are now classified as money transmitters. Many states require that money transmitters operate under state licensure.  Many state money transmitter licensing requirements are rigorous, costly and evolving.

Our value is found in our personal commitment to assist your digital currency company in navigating the often confusing state licensing processes. NCFPS also monitors the various states’ constantly evolving regulatory landscapes.  We will partner with you to pursue innovative strategies designed to satisfy licensing requirements.

The establishment of banking relationships can be critical to the viability of digital currency companies. However, establishment of a banking relationship is often the most difficult and challenging part of setting up a digital currency business. We offer fully integrated related services to help your company achieve success in this area.  We will work with you to develop comprehensive and innovative approaches to establish banking relationships within the traditional banking community and will partner with you in navigating this process, every step of the way.