Our value is found in our unique brand of personal service and strong background in both compliance and investigations. At NCFPS, we make it our business to gain a truly comprehensive understanding of your business. Many digital currency companies are start-ups and we are sensitive to, and understand, the particular environment that digital currency companies operate within. We have developed special expertise in serving the needs of exchanges, mobile payment providers and payment processors.

We also provide comprehensive advisory services for both the emerging digital currency derivatives industry and for non-currency applications of the Bitcoin protocol.  Whether your company is in the pre-funding stage, seed-stage, Series A or beyond, we work closely with you in crafting and maintaining an AML compliance program that is tailored to your needs while maintaining the highest regulatory compliance standards. Our approach is certainly not a “cookie-cutter” one.

NCFPS will work with you to ensure the “Four Pillars” of AML/CFT compliance are fully addressed. We will partner with you to develop appropriate and comprehensive, risk-based AML compliance policies, procedures, and controls suited to the unique business model of your digital currency company. In addition, the importance of establishing effective OFAC sanctions screening protocols and effective mechanisms to respond to 314(a) queries cannot be overemphasized. We will ensure that policies and protocols responsive to these mandates are implemented and fully operational.  We will provide on-going, comprehensive training to your designated AML Compliance Officer and other staff, so that your day-to-day AML/BSA compliance program, including all record-keeping and reporting requirements including preparation of meaningful SAR and CTR filings, is in good hands.

Our goal is to establish and maintain a solid AML/BSA compliance partnership with you.

The regulatory environment facing digital currency exchanges, mobile payment providers, payment processors, and securities/derivatives exchanges is difficult, uncertain, and constantly evolving.  We make it our business to monitor all new regulatory developments in this emerging area.  We also closely follow emerging developments coming out of various governmental jurisdictions as well as industry groups. NCFPS is committed to partnering with you towards building a strategy to achieve and maintain full AML/BSA compliance, regardless of how the regulatory landscape might shift and evolve.