We bring an integrated, reflective, and holistic approach to your AML/BSA and fraud prevention programs, whether you seek AML solutions only or the establishment of an AML compliance program that functions as a fully integrated component of your overall fraud prevention program. If you seek the latter approach, we will partner with you in designing and maintaining a customized and seamlessly integrated AML compliance and fraud prevention program.

NCFPS takes pride in its ability to develop true partnerships with its clients in bringing to them effective fraud prevention solutions. Transaction monitoring and other computer-based systems are only part of the solution. The importance of human capital in fraud prevention cannot be overstated. Even the most effective automated systems will be of little use if your company does not have in place effective protocols to make the most out of existing computer-based monitoring systems.

NCFPS will partner with you in developing fraud prevention programs uniquely tailored to your business, drawing on the strengths and abilities of your human capital, recognizing that your personnel are ultimately the most effective fraud prevention detection system for your business.